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My Love of the Week: Elizabeth Olsen

24 Sep

Or perhaps it’s more of my “obsession” of the week! Elizabeth Olsen is almost identical to Mary Kate & Ashley, which is kind of freaky. If only they could have been triplets – there could have been three different Michelle Tanner‘s on set. And think about all of their childhood films, like Double, Double, Toil and Troublehow fun would it have been to have all three of them running around on screen?!

Elizabeth Olsen is even more of an enigma than Mary Kate and Ashley in my book. Where has she been for the past 21 years and why aren’t there hardly any pictures of her online? I did manage to find a couple:

She just finished shooting “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding,” which will make its debut in 2011. Amongst Lizzie Olsen’s cast members are Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chace Crawford, Catherine Keener and Rosanna Arquette. I’ll definitely be purchasing an advanced ticket for this one.

While you can’t purchase Lizzie Olsen, I think she’s definitely one to keep your eyes on. And I leave you with my favorite image of MK&A:

Best shot ever! Let me know if anyone hears of any EO gossip.