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Boots, A Dress and A Handbag For Under $100?

14 Oct

Yes, that’s correct. I was able to visit Target while back home in NC. It’s a privilege coming from NYC since you have to travel pretty far by subway to get to a store, and all of the good stuff (especially the designer labels) is gone within a day. Plus it’s extremely hard to carry a lot of stuff on the subway ride home. Anyhow, here are my fabulous finds – all for under $100 total:

There were only 2 pairs of these Dolce Vita Buckle Ankle Boots for Target ($34.99) left and thankfully one of the boxes had my name written all over it. They’re very comfortable, and will look awesome this fall with some of my favorite summer dresses and a blazer.

Nude is the new black so I was extra excited when I saw this Xhiliration Ruffle Dress in Nude ($21.99). It’s a great color for every season and I plan on getting a lot of wear out of this. Cute in summer with some sandals and wavy beach hair, and sexy in winter with tall boots, leggings and smokey eyeshadow.

Can you imagine the disappointment on my face when I scrambled to get online the day Mulberry for Target went on sale, only to find that the Cerise Leopard Crossbody was SOLD OUT ($34.99). I was lucky enough to find one in the Raleigh, NC Target but also discovered, a genius website that locates hard to find items within your local area.

What would we do without Target?! Stay tuned for several more great finds for Breast Cancer Awareness month.